My Rights or Privileges

2010 Commencement
Image by Lower Columbia College via Flickr

American culture is based upon people’s rights. Here in America, everyone believes that they have a right to something—right to vote, right to have good schools, right to a higher education. Within the past thirty years, more college freshmen believe it is their right to have a higher education. Many of these students do not recognize that a college degree is not a right but a privilege. With the mentality of a college degree as a right, many students do not do their best and the traditional college approach is no longer an option for them. So what now? Many get jobs, but they begin to see how going to college was a privilege. Many of these students are turning to earnmydegree to try and get back on track with what they started, but never realized the privilege of completing.

When traditional college education does not work for a student, online education is a good option. Many students who are enrolled in online educational degree programs understand that their online college degree is a privilege, an opportunity that they cannot afford to waste. Since many of these students are also working full time, an opportunity of an online education fits into their busy schedules. They can still earn a good salary and earn a a degree at the same time.

Online education programs also teach students that a college degree is a privilege because it forces these students to be serious about their degree program. They cannot afford to goof off or not do an assignment because they spent too much time partying. These students see that the only way to be successful through an online education program is to do their very best work. Online education gives these students an opportunity not a guarantee of a college degree. The students must to do the work to earn their online education.